What we do

CoachingWe believe that really good quality coaching is one of the most powerful development tools available. People & Performance take both a ‘coachee-centred’ and a ‘solutions orientated’ approach.

Working as a team is more than labelling a group of people a team. We work with management teams and boards to develop as a team with a shared vision and values. Shifting the focus from individual silo responsibility to shared organisational responsibility…

Our approach to Board development helps you see where you operate well and where you could improve your effectiveness. We help you distinguish between effective Board process and content and where you add most value in setting strategic direction, ensuring effective governance and monitoring performance.

Being an effective manager requires people management skills. We believe that managers are made rather than born and we work with you to develop your own authentic management style and approach.

We provide business focused strategic HR consultancy support on business critical projects and discrete assignments as well as providing coaching support to HR Directors and Chief Executive Officers.

We believe that mediation is a hugely effective way of resolving people problems. This non- adversarial approach often delivers win-win solutions, which all parties buy in to. We find that when we mediate we facilitate collaborative outcomes, build stronger working relationships based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.

e are passionate about supporting people to be
the best that they can be

At People & Performance, we believe that the best way to increase your organisation’s performance is to unlock the potential of your people and focus their efforts. We are all about people and their performance hence our company name, People & Performance. We support you to lead your people to do their best work.

We provide a range of support including executive coaching for senior managers and team coaching for teams and boards. We work with teams who aspire to be high performing and with groups who want to become teams. Whatever the circumstances of your organisation, whether you are addressing business critical challenges, seeking to transform your organisation’s performance, improve employee engagement or just want to grow the company sustainably, we can help you reach the next level.